Event Recaps | 28 April 2018

Bettina Aptheker and Marlene Tromp – The Peggy Downes Baskin Ethics Lecture


On April 28th, 2018, Bettina Aptheker, distinguished professor and Peggy and Jack Baskin Foundation Presidential Chair for Feminist Studies, delivered the weekend’s faculty keynote address and 2018’s Peggy Downes Baskin Ethics Lecture.

Aptheker, an alumna herself, created one of the country’s largest and most influential introductory feminist studies courses, taken by more than 16,000 UC Santa Cruz students over the last four decades. Aptheker talked about the ethical role of the public university and its potential to be a center of courage, insight, and principled rational discourse. Marlene Tromp, Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor joined her in conversation on “The Ethical Role of the Public University.”

The Peggy Downes Baskin Ethics Lecture Series is a lively forum for the discussion and exploration of ethics-related challenges in human endeavors. The Ethics Lecture is made possible by the Peggy Downes Baskin Humanities Endowment for Interdisciplinary Ethics which enables the Humanities Division to promote a dialogue about ethics and ethics related challenges in an interdisciplinary setting. The endowment was established in honor of Peggy Downes Baskin’s longtime interest in ethical issues across the academic spectrum.

Unable to attend? Read more about “The Ethical Role of the Public University” here.