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The Humanities Institute supports new directions in research, pedagogy, training, and public engagement. Our current initiatives include Digital Humanities, Graduate Training, Humanities Teaching and Learning, and Public Engagement.

Digital Humanities

The Humanities Institute supports the field of Digital Humanities through collaboration with the Digital Scholarship Commons and the library. We are committed to fostering a community of Faculty, Students, and Staff engaged in using technology to define new modes of research, analysis, publication, teaching and learning.

3D Saqqara
Digital Jewish Studies Initiative
The Gail Project
Intra-American Slave Voyages
IDEA: Isabella d’Este Archive

Digital Research Faculty Fellowship


Graduate Training

Collaboration with the Graduate Division is a big priority for the Institute. In addition to our graduate fellowships, we support a number of programs that focus on preparing UCSC’s Humanities Graduate Students for their careers, both within academia and the many alternative paths available to individuals with advanced Humanities training.

PhD+ Workshops
NEH Next Generation Grant
SSRC Dissertation Development Program
Public Fellows Program 


Humanities Teaching and Learning

Through a partnership with the Center for Innovations in Teaching and Learning (CITL) we aim to focus on rethinking how we teach Humanities at UCSC. With the “Teaching and Learning in the Humanities Now” research cluster, we explore what’s distinctive and valuable about a Humanities education and establish ways of realizing that value in today’s classrooms, while equipping our students with expertise that will prepare them to thrive in a world—and a workplace—in constant flux.

Teaching and Learning in the Humanities Now 


Public Engagement

We believe strongly that the core subjects of the Humanities should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we’re committed to a public mission and strive to engage with the broadest community possible—from first-generation undergraduate students, to local residents, to anyone interested in compelling ideas and making sense of this increasingly complex world.

Questions That Matter
Freedom and Race Series
Data and Democracy Series
UCSC Night at the Museum
Peggy Downes Baskin Ethics Lecture Series
Morton Marcus Poetry Reading