News | 26 March 2012

2011-2012 HUGRA Recipients Announced


The Institute for Humanities Research is delighted to announce the recipients of the Humanities Undergraduate Research Awards (HUGRA) for academic year 2011-2012.

Nicholas Gancedo, Philosophy
“Conceptual Foundations of Intervention Ecology: Towards a New Environmental Worldview”
Mentor: Rasmus Winther, Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Jose Guerrero, Literature/Creative Writing
“‘I Once Was Lost’: The (Found) Poetics of Salvaging and Recycling (Capitalism)”
Mentor: Gary Young, Lecturer in Literature

Michael Hinojosa, History
“ROUTES – Design Group”
Mentor, Alan Christy, Associate Professor of History

Ruebi Jimenez, Anthropology/Ethnography
* Bertha N. Melkonian Prize Recipient
“Technology and Storytelling in the Life of Celia Fritz”
Mentor: Donald Brenneis, Professor of Anthropology

Shawna Mattison, Linguistics
“New Methodologies in Psycholinguistics Research”
Mentor: Matthew Wagers, Assistant Professor of Linguistics

Matilda Morrison, Linguistics
“A Dummy in German”
Mentor: Jorge Hankamer, Professor of Linguistics

Nataliya Munishkina, Linguistics
“Interaction Across Grammatical Categories: Verbs and Prepositions”
Mentor: Donka Farkas, Professor of Linguistics

Cory Schiff, History
“The House of La Mirada: Uncovering A New Perspective on the Early History of California”
Mentor: Mark Traugott, Professor of History

Jason Truchon, Philosophy
“What is Called Questioning?”
Mentor: Abraham Stone, Associate Professor of Philosophy