News | 13 June 2014

2014-15 IHR Fellows and Research Clusters Announced


We are very pleased to announce the 2014-15 Faculty Fellow, Graduate Fellows, and Research Clusters.

Faculty Fellow

Jennifer Derr, History
“A New Nile: the construction of the environment and the practice of the state in colonial Egypt”

Graduate Fellows

Year-Long Dissertation Fellow

Joanna Meadvin, Literature
“Makhn Amerike / Haciendo la América / Making America”: Jewish Immigrants Write the Jewish Americas (1890-1970)

Summer Dissertation Fellows

Nickolas Conrad, History
“Leaving the Church: studies in the dissolution of religious belief in France, 1870-1940”

Patrick Madden, History of Consciousness
“The Rise and Decline of Commercial Society: Adam Smith and the Problem of Historical Progress”

Sophia Magnone, Literature
“The Speculative Agency of the Nonhuman: Animal, Object, and Posthuman Worldings”

Lauren Shufran, Literature
“The Protestant Reformation and the English Amatory Sonnet Sequence: Salvation and the Trouble of Ending”

Dustin Wright, History
“‘You can stake our land but you can’t stake our spirits’: Dispossession and anti-military base struggle in western Tokyo”

Summer Research Fellows

Jessica Barbata Jackson, History
“‘Racial Transients’ in an ‘In-Between’ State: Reinterpreting Anti-Italian Violence in 1890s Louisiana”

Isaac Blacksin, History of Consciousness
“Conflict Journalism and the Knowledge-Productions of War”

Melissa Brzycki, History
“Inventing the Socialist Child, 1949–1976”

Asad Haider, History of Consciousness
“Class Composition and Uneven Development”

Rita Jones, History
Topic: American women medical missionaries

Nicholas Kalivoda, Linguistics
“Agreement in Teotitlán del Valle Zapotec”

Muiris MacGiollabhui, History
“Jamaican Interracial Maroon Communities”

Jessica Neasbitt, History of Consciousness
“Surgeons, Speculums, and Specialization: Exploring the Role of Pathologization in the Birth of American Gynecology”

Lisa Schliz, Literature
“Violent Inscriptions: a Translational and Transnational Reappraisal of the Borderlands”

S. Ayana Smythe, History of Consicousness
“‘New representation regimes’: Questions of citizenship in Postcolonial Italy”

Erik Zyman, Linguistics
“The Syntax of the Verb Phrase in P’urhepecha”

Research Clusters

Complicated Labors
Micah Perks, Literature
Irene Lusztig, Film + Digital Media
Megan Moodie, Anthropology

Crisis in the Cultures of Capitalism
Gopal Balakrishnan, History of Consciousness
Hunter Bivens, Literature
Christopher Connery, Literature

Directions in Digital Humanities
Alan Christy, History
Deanna Shemek, Literature
Elaine Sullivan, History

Philosophy in a Multicultural Context
Rasmus Grønfeldt Winther, Philosophy

Santa Cruz Ellipsis Consortium
Pranav Anand, Linguistics
James McCloskey, Linguistics

Shakespeare’s Disciplines
Sean Keilen, Literature