News | 26 January 2016

2015-2016 HUGRA Award Recipients Announced


2015-2016 HUGRA Recipients

The Institute for Humanities Research is delighted to announce the recipients of the Humanities Undergraduate Research Awards (HUGRA) for academic year 2015-2016.

Jasmin L. Aleman, Philosophy
“Waging War: The Ethics of Following Orders”
Faculty Mentor: Daniel Guevara, Philosophy

Alexander M. Attanasio, History
“Who Were They and Why Did They Fight? A Study of Catholic Irishmen Who Volunteered for the British Army in WWI”
Faculty Mentor: Bruce Thompson, History

RachelAnn V. Baltazar, Intensive Psychology
“Human Trafficking Narrative: Understanding the creation of a salient human trafficking concept and the effects on the individual experience ”
Faculty Mentor: Felicity Amaya Schaeffer, Feminist Studies

Joanna Beltrán Girón, Intensive Psychology
“Intimate ‘Illegalities’: (Re)Framing El Salvador’s Vicious Cycle of Violence”
Faculty Mentor: Adrian Félix, Latin American and Latino Studies

Stella F. Fronius, History
* Bertha N. Melkonian Prize Recipient
“U.S. Militarism in Okinawa: Transformations in the Physical and Demographic Landscape, 1945-Present”
Faculty Mentor: Alan Christy, History

Ciera-Jevae T. Gordon, Sociology
“Incarcerated Words”
Faculty Mentor: Gary Young, Literature

Andrew G. Knochenhauer, Linguistics
“Unbounded Dependencies and Specifier Competition in Spanish”
Faculty Mentor: James Mccluskey, Linguistics

Matthew A. Ray, History
“Contesting Space and Labor in the ‘Workshop of the World’: Urban Villages and Migrant Labor in Shenzhen”
Faculty Mentor: Gail Hershatter, History

Andres Sandoval, Feminist Studies
“Dogs of State and Questions of Intra/Inter-Species ‘Hailing'”
Faculty Mentor: Karen Barad, Feminist Studies

Joel van de Sande, Feminist Studies
“HIV Origins and the Bioscience of History”
Faculty Mentor: Madhavi Murty, Feminist Studies