Feature | 29 April 2022

Announcing 21 New THI Graduate Fellows for 2022-2023


The Humanities Institute announces our new cohort of graduate research fellows for 2022-2023. THI research awards support the graduate scholarship process from initial-stage dissertation research to dissertation completion. This year’s 21 new fellows come from departments across the Humanities, including Feminist Studies, History, History of Consciousness, Linguistics, and Literature.

The fellows’ research projects demonstrate a range of intellectual commitments and interests. Several dissertations explore questions of gender and sexuality, including trans digital activism in Brazil and women and postwar violence in Georgia; others delve into the fields of medical knowledge and the history of medicine, music studies, Japanese American internment, philosophy and mathematics, diaspora studies, African literature, poetics, Jewish foodways, theories of education, feminist utopian fiction, and Filipinx photography archives. Regions of focus range from the Americas and the African continent to Asia and the Pacific Rim, encompassing Brazil, the U.S. South and Midwest, the Horn of Africa, California’s Pajaro Valley, China, and Hawai’i.

“The work of this year’s THI Research Fellows spans place and time, illuminating old and new worlds,” says Nathaniel Deutsch, Director of The Humanities Institute. “It represents the best that Humanities research can offer, and we’re so proud to be able to support it.”

THI supports research at all stages as fellows receive support for preliminary graduate research, summer dissertation research, quarter dissertation writing, and year-long dissertation writing.

See all THI Fellows on our website. Congratulations to our newest cohort of fellows!

THI Year-Long Dissertation Fellow

Kelsey McFaul, Literature
“Landscapes of Words: The Novel in the Horn of Africa”

THI/UC Humanities Network Dissertation Fellow

Gabriel Mindel, History of Consciousness
“Profanity: Performance, Protest & the Sovereign Politics of Noise”

Hayden V. White Summer Dissertation Fellow

Michael McCarrin, History of Consciousness
“Metaphysical Bias in Western Mathematics”

THI Summer Dissertation Fellows

Shu Chang, History
“The Life and Death of the Socialist Factory: Spatial Politics and Factory Life in China, 1958 to the Present”

David Duncan, History
“Voices in the Tule: The Oral History of School Desegregation in the San Francisco Bay Area”

Steven Green, History
“Noshing in the Midwest: Foodways and Midwestern Jewish Communities”

Angie Sijun Lou, Literature
“Pale Unhappy Dog: Stories”

Anne Napatalung, Feminist Studies
“The Tuskegee School of Midwifery: Exposing the Suppression of Black and Indigenous Midwifery Knowledges in U.S. Medicine in Service to Reimagining Reproductive Care”

Marina Segatti, Feminist Studies
“Queer and Trans Digital Activism: Neoconservatism and Democracy in Brazil”

Meleia Simon-Reynolds, History
“Transpacific Images: Photographs of Filipinx Communities in Hawai’i and the Pajaro Valley”

Jinghong Zhang, History
“Down to the Roots: Teeth, Dentistry, and Oral Hygiene in Modern China, 1908-2021”

THI Summer Research Fellows

Man Ning Chan, History
“High and Low in Early Modern China: Using Qin-Zither as an Example”

Kendall Grady, Literature
“Form & Differential Formation: Couple & Couplet”

Rebecca Gross, Literature
“Approaching Comparative Diasporic Memory and Intercultural Resistance through Fiction”

Amanda Huse, History
“‘She Was Afraid I Would Tell It’: Women and Postwar Violence in Georgia, 1870-1871”

Won Jeon, History of Consciousness
“Neither Addictive nor Adaptive: A Theory of Learning”

Anny Mogollón, Literature
“CDWC Testimonial Archive”

Jonathan Paramore, Linguistics
“Acoustic Correlates of Stress in Mankiyali”

Matthew Polzin, Literature
“Speculative Biologies: Race, Gender, and Science in Early Twentieth Century Feminist Utopian Fiction”

Joshua Tan, History
“Migrants and Missionaries: Religion, Culture and China’s Cold War Diaspora”

Jonathan van Harmelen, History
“A Failure of Oversight: Congress and the Incarceration of Japanese Americans”

See our announcement about last year’s cohort of THI Graduate Fellows here.