Fellows | 8 May 2019

Announcing Ten New THI Public Fellows


Graduate Students to work in the Community from Monterey Bay to the UK


Ten Humanities graduate students will bring public scholarship to the wider community as this year’s cohort of Public Fellows. THI Public Fellows contribute to research, programming, communications and fundraising at companies, non-profit organizations, and cultural institutions and gain valuable experience applying their skills and expertise outside the academy.

This year’s Fellows will work in venues as geographically diverse as a soup center in Norwich, UK; a photography arts and education nonprofit in San Diego; and a Japanese-American internment site in Wyoming. Their work will support contemporary music, Shakespeare, student-run radio and youth empowerment, and experimental music in Santa Cruz, and GLBT and Freedom archives in San Francisco.


Public Fellows – Summer 2019

2019 Summer Fellows work for up to 250 hours with a partner organization during the summer quarter. THI provides funding and helps create partnerships where possible. Please join us in congratulating the following Summer Fellows:

Sienna Ballou (Literature) Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music
Shu Chang (History) – Boys and Girls Clubs of the Peninsula
Morgan Gates (Literature) – Santa Cruz Shakespeare
Joshua Jones (Literature) – Norwich Soup Movement
Noya Kansky (Feminist Studies) – Heart Mountain Interpretive Center
Gabriel Mindel (History of Consciousness) – Indexical
Hafsa Mohammed (History of Consciousness) – AjA


Public Fellows – Year Long 2019 – 2020

2019-2020 Year-Long Public Fellows undertake 3-quarter-length internships with companies, non-profits organizations, or cultural institutions. This year-long fellowship enables students to have a greater impact on partner institutions and further develop their own interests and skills. Please join us in congratulating the following Year-Long Fellows:

Lani Hanna (Feminist Studies) – Freedom Archives
Eric Sneathen (Literature) – GLBT Historical Society
Jared Gampel (History of Consciousness) – KZSC/Digital NEST

Both Lani Hanna and Eric Sneathen have chosen to build on their past experiences as 2018 Summer Public Fellows in their partner organizations.

Read out latest Public Fellows profile on Literature PhD Gabriela Ramirez-Chavez at UC Press.

THI has just announced three new Graduate Student Instructors positions for 2019-2020. Read about those here.


Digital Nest, Watsonville


Featured image: from Aja, Youth and Photography Transformation.