News | 24 April 2020

Announcing the 2020 UCSC SSRC-DPD Fellows!


The Humanities Institute is thrilled to announce the twelve recipients of a 2020 UCSC Social Science Research Council-Dissertation Proposal Development program award. Recipients come from a wide-range of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Arts Division departments including Literature, History, History of Consciousness, Sociology, Politics, Latin American and Latino Studies, Film and Digital Media, Music, and History of Art and Visual Culture.

This year, the four UC Santa Cruz divisions supporting the UCSC SSRC-DPD program have chosen to expand the award’s impact by extending funding for a further three years. The Humanities Institute is pleased to work with the Division of Graduate Studies, the Humanities Division, the Social Sciences Division, and the Arts Division to continue to support graduate students through innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to research proposal training.

The 2020 recipients are:

Jack Davies, History of Consciousness
“Settler Colonial Insurance: The Case of the Aboriginal Community Benefit Fund”

Debbie Duarte, Literature
“Border Futurities: World-Making Practices From the Colonial Wound”

Suzy Halajian, Film and Digital Media
“Reimagining Narratives of Crisis: Moving Image and Performance Practices in the Middle East, North Africa, and its Diaspora”

Ingy Higazy, Politics
“Moving Cairo: (Im)mobility Politics in the Post-Colonial Metropolis”

Nelsen Hutchison, Music
“Community, Practice, and Labor in the San Francisco Bay Area Jazz Scene”

Theresa Johnson, Sociology
“Black Around the World: Youth racial identity formation in the African diaspora”

Boyeong Kim, Latin American and Latino Studies
“A (Migrant) Woman’s Place in the Pathway to ‘Development’: Developmentalism and Gendered Citizenship Making in South Korea and Chile”

Jane Komori, History of Consciousness
“Japanese Canadian Theories of Racialization and Speciation”

Natali Levin Schwartz, Politics
“Testimony and Resistance: Towards a Political Theory of Testimony”

Yasheng She, Film and Digital Media
“Traumatic Femininity”

Meleia Simon-Reynolds, History
“Visualizing Trans-Colonial Labor: Photographic Representations of Filipino Sugar Plantation Workers in Hawai’i”

Zoe Weldon-Yochim, History of Art and Visual Culture
“In/visible Toxicity: Nuclear Landscapes in Contemporary Art”

The Dissertation Proposal Development program trains doctoral students to apply an interdisciplinary approach in the early stages of their graduate careers. Participants in the program receive financial and mentoring support for summer research and attend practical workshops in spring and fall that introduce them to a range of social science, cultural, and humanistic methodologies.

UC Santa Cruz was one of five universities selected to take part in the SSRC-DPD University Initiative program. As we come to the tail-end of a three-year grant from the SSRC, we’ve helped cohorts of PhD students advance towards candidacy and develop their dissertation research and writing in dialog with faculty and peers across divisions. Since the start of the grant, over 50 students have benefited from the DPD program. We are thrilled to be able to offer support to even more UC Santa Cruz PhD students in future years through additional funding from the university.

This year’s program faculty co-lead administrators are Miriam Greenberg, Professor of Sociology, and Deborah Gould, Associate Professor of Sociology.

Funding for this program has been generously provided by: UCSC Division of Graduate Studies, Humanities Division, Social Sciences Division, Arts Division, and the Social Science Research Council (SSRC). Hosted and supported by The Humanities Institute.

Congratulations to all 2020 recipients!