Fellows | 10 March 2017

Auto Workers' Union To Launch 'Buy American' Campaign


NPR Morning Edition hosted by David Greene.


The leader of the United Auto Workers is encouraging people to buy cars built in the U.S. The slogan “Buy American” has a controversial history going back to the Great Depression.

DAVID GREENE, HOST: These have not been the easiest times for America’s labor unions, which have been seen as losing influence. But one big one, the United Automobile Workers – or UAW – seems to be gaining some steam right now, and that may be thanks in part to President Trump and his criticism of trade deals like NAFTA and also of companies that move manufacturing overseas. In that spirit, the head of the UAW says it will launch an ad campaign encouraging consumers to, quote, “buy American.” Here’s NPR’s Sonari Glinton.

SONARI GLINTON, BYLINE: Dennis Williams, the president of the UAW, could not disagree more with President Donald Trump – immigration, the Affordable Care Act, tax policy, you name it – though there are a few notable exceptions – trade and boycotts.

DENNIS WILLIAMS: We’re seeing a trend in this country that boycott may be coming back. And if that happens, it will have a dramatic effect on what the policies and the decisions of corporations are.

GLINTON: Williams sort of called for a boycott of his own at a press conference in Detroit. Now, here’s the thing – not just against the foreign automakers but foreign-made cars, even if they were made by American companies.


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