Grants | 15 May 2013

Call for Proposals: Project:Connect Summer Youth Programming Competition


HASTAC/MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning Competition 5
Project:Connect — Summer Youth Programming Competition
The fifth Digital Media and Learning Competition, the Project:Connect — Summer Youth Programming Competition, is now accepting applications. 

DML5The Project:Connect — Summer Youth Programming Competition calls for summer event and programming proposals to excite and enable youth to engage the web in civil, collaborative, productive, safe, and confidence-building ways. The Competition supports single or multi-day participatory and hands-on learning experiences (labs, hackathons, pop-up events) that support youth working with peers, mentors, and educators on learning and creating experiences toward a better web for all. Based on the principles of Connected Learning – learning that is equitable, social, and participatory – Project:Connect Summer Youth Programs will give young people hands-on experience creating, testing, and investigating ways to make using the web a better place to learn, connect, make, contribute, and share.

The Project:Connect — Summer Youth Program Competition is administered by HASTAC and supported by the MacArthur Foundation, in collaboration with the Born This Way Foundation and Mozilla. A related Open International Competition focused on Project:Connect will be announced on May 28th. For the latest news, connect with us in one of the ways listed below.

For full information:

Awards: Up to $10,000 per institution (winners to be announced in early July)

Deadline: Online applications are due June 10, 2013, at 5pm PST.  How to apply.

Timeline: Project:Connect — Youth Summer Programs will be held July-September, 2013. Full timeline.

Who is eligible to apply: U.S.-based non-profit learning development and civic engagement institutions and organizations (including learning development organizations such as museums, libraries, after school and summer programs). Additional eligibility requirements.

Winning proposals will create:
••• Social Tools for Social Good – Enabling people to create a culture of kindness, respect, and safety that enhances civic participation for youth.
••• Social Tools that Enable Control of Information – Helping youth understand how to control their information, and manage privacy and security.
••• Social Tools that Enable Literacy – Helping youth build, access, and understand the web in ways that support interest-driven learning, and empower learners to connect in safe ways with resources, mentors, and peers.

Program participants may design or create:
••• Social apps – Create apps, including mobile apps, that promote and enable civic engagement with peers, community building, and kindness to others.
••• Badging programs – Create apps, including mobile apps, that leverage badging and other recognition and feedback methods to inspire youth to develop civic engagement with peers and community building in connected, cooperative, collaborative, safe, and respectful ways.
••• Learning content – Create learning content, curricula, media promotions, and other approaches about how to foster a more engaged, egalitarian, safe, and sharing internet.

Project:Connect — Summer Youth Programs may include:
••• Hackathons, that involve youth in connection with mentoring developers and educators in designing, prototyping, and/or coding software; or developing learning programs that promote a better web for learning through connecting and connecting through learning.
••• Digital learning labs, that provide hands-on experience using digital tools for connecting safely, collaborating purposefully, and communicating effectively via the web.
••• Testing labs, that involve young people in evaluating software and online learning programs that promote good web citizenship, or a better web for learning and sharing.
••• Mentoring or leadership workshops, that identify potential peer instructors and mentors, and provide them with opportunities to learn how to support and mentor others effectively and respectfully in web-based connected learning programs and applications.
••• Journalism and communications labs, where young people – acting as reporters, bloggers, and podcasters – participate in the creation of public media that engages questions of equity, good citizenship, privacy, collaboration, and sharing on the web.
••• Badge development workshops, that provide youth with the tools to develop badges for recognizing and rewarding effective digital citizenship, promoting privacy, effective web participation, and connected learning opportunities.

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