Center for Mediterranean Studies


About the Center

The Center for Mediterranean Studies is dedicated to the study of the nature of premodern Mediterranean societies and cultures and their role in World History and the History of “the West.” Located at the intersection of three continents the Premodern Mediterranean was a shared environment characterized by tremendous ethnic and religious diversity and by the particular intensity of its cultural, economic, and political exchange.

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November 16, 2013: UC Mediterranean Studies Multi-campus Research Project Fall Workshop

November 15, 2013: Translation and Mediterranean Culture Conference

May 2, 2013: Sea Changes: Mediterranean and Maritime Perspectives on History and Culture

February 13, 2013: Sharon Kinoshita: “Re-Orientations: The Worlding of Marco Polo”

February 2, 2013: Mediterranean Studies MRP Workshop – UCLA

November 10, 2012: “Digging up a Mediterranean Past? Archaeology and Comparative Material Culture”

November 9, 2012: UC Mediterranean Studies MRP Fall Workshop: “Excavating

May 12, 2011: Sarah Nelson: “Korea and the Silk Road”

October 7, 2010: Anna Sapir Abulafia: “Doing the King’s Service: The Jews in Medieval England”

February 23, 2010: The Nature of the Early Ottoman State