Center for World History


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About the Center

Since the early 2000s, the UCSC Center for World History has fostered a rich set of lectures, conferences, pedagogical workshops, and scholarly conversations. This programming enhances the intellectual life of faculty and students at UCSC across numerous disciplines interested in the human past. The Center for World History also fosters connections between scholars across the UC campuses interested in global, regional, and transnational histories. The Center supports both research and teaching on world historical subjects.

Research Cluster

Reviving and Reimagining the Center for World History is an active research cluster of The Humanities Institute fucused on new research in, and theoretical discussions of, world and transnational history. Of particular interest is discussing sub-themes, approaches, or world regions that best serve the research interests of our scholarly community, including but not limited to: global environmental history; oceanic regions, such as the Atlantic World; comparative gender history; and global indigenous histories.

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