News | 17 April 2015

Classes without quizzes: Alumni Weekend Teach-Ins


Alumni returning for Alumni Weekend should get ready to exercise their brains and have some fun at the ever-popular “Teach-Ins,” an academic afternoon that lets Banana Slugs be students once again but without the exams.

The Teach-Ins have become a popular tradition. This year’s rendition should be no exception, with respected UC Santa Cruz faculty members Bettina Aptheker, distinguished professor and UC Presidential Co-Chair of Feminist Critical Race & Ethnic Studies, and this year’s Faculty Research Lecturer Craig Haney, an influential psychology professor whose testimony and research has changed the way thousands of Americans look at solitary confinement.

These Teach-Ins, both free of charge, take place at 2:30-3:45 p.m. on April 25 in Stevenson classrooms on the UC Santa Cruz campus. They are part of a very special edition of UC Santa Cruz’s Alumni Weekend, marking the 50th anniversary of the campus opening its doors to students.

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