Asian Diasporas


About the Cluster

The goal of the Asian Diasporas Research Cluster is to foster a much-needed space of collective critical inquiry for UC Santa Cruz Asianist and Asian Americanist faculty and their graduate students – many of whom respectively possess discrete expertise on Southeast Asian diasporas, Nikkei diaspora, Korean diaspora, Chinese diaspora, South Asian diasporas, and Pacific diasporas yet have far too few formal opportunities to interact productively across disciplines. Aimed at moving beyong narrowly sociological understandings of Asian diasporic formations as well as framings of diaspora within the nation-based epistemological strictures of Asian area studies, this cluster seeks to generate an interdisciplinary conversation that will push the theorization and historicization of Asian diasporas in critically comparative and transnational directions.


Affiliated Faculty

Christine Hong, Literature
Karen Tei Yamashita, Literature
Boreth Ly, History of Visual Art and Culture