Borders, Bodies, and Violence


About the Cluster

This cluster examines the nexus of migration and violence. Drawing from questions, methods, and sources in the humanities and social sciences, members approach this subject via the study of globalization, modernity, the state, technology, labor, popular and everyday cultures, embodiment, performance, and representation. While our primary concerns are the movement of people, objects, and ideas in las Américas, the efforts made to control and restrict this movement, and the various ways in which individuals and groups reflect on and creatively contest those efforts, our scope extends beyond the western hemisphere. Ultimately, our focus is the complex and dynamic relationship between the global north and south.

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Affiliated Faculty

Catherine Ramírez, Associate Professor of Latin American and Latino Studies; Cluster Coordinator
Cindy Cruz, Assistant Professor of Education
Lisbeth Haas, Professor of History
Norma Klahn, Professor of Literature
Marcia Ochoa, Assistant Professor of Feminist Studies
Cecilia Rivas, Assistant Professor of Latin American and Latino Studies
Felicity Schaeffer-Grabiel, Assistant Professor of Feminist Studies
Patricia Zavella, Professor of Latin American and Latino Studies


June 8, 2013: bodies / moving / borders symposium and performance