Computation, Culture, and Games 2016-17


About the Cluster

The growth of digital humanities is making clear how computational technologies can augment many traditional humanities activities, from archival research to publication.

UC Santa Cruz is one of the centers of this work, with particular strengths in games, but also in other areas. The purpose of this cluster is twofold. First, to bring together faculty and graduate students who are interested in this area, strengthening our on-campus connections and developing a deeper understanding of the areas in which we might collaborate. Second, to consider the wider place of UC Santa Cruz within this emerging area, which does not yet have “home.”

We plan to have a series of cluster gatherings, alternating between broader group discussions of particular themes and smaller group discussions of strategies for UC Santa Cruz in this area.

Principal Investigators

Nathaniel Deutsch, History

Warren Sack, Film + Digital Media

Noah Wardrip-Fruin, Computational Media

Additional Faculty

James Clifford, History of Consciousness

Kimberly Lau, Literature

Michael Mateas, Computational Media

Soraya Murray, Film + Digital Media

Graduate Students

Humanities, Arts, and Engineering

Bernard Stiegler: “Beyond the Anthropocene”