Directions in Digital Humanities


About the Cluster

The Digital Humanities Research Cluster is a community of Faculty, Students, and Staff engaged in using technology to define new modes of Humanities research, analysis, publication, teaching and learning. We host ongoing and special events, including a lecture series, hands-on workshops, and reading groups.

Through these events, we engage with new trends in the field of research and teaching and envision the future of Digital Humanities at UCSC. Together, we will inform, support, and enrich current individual Digital Humanities projects and foster new ones.

Learn more about Digital Humanities at UCSC and join the DH mailing list for up to date news. For additional tools and resources visit the Digital Scholarship Commons (DSC) or the Faculty Instructional Technology Center (FITC) in McHenry Library.


June 6, 2018: Stephanie Bosch Santana: “The Digital Worlding of African Literature: From Blog and Facebook Fiction to the Blockchain”
May 23, 2018: Digital Research and Teaching Symposium featuring Undergraduate Digital Research and Innovative Pedagogy
March 6, 2018: Danny Snelson: “The Little Database: A Poetics of Media Formats”
February 7, 2018: New Visualization Spaces in the Digital Scholarship Commons

Digital Exhibit Building Symposium

April 19, 2017: Undergraduate Digital Research Symposium

March 8, 2017: Alan Craig: “VR, AR, and the Brain: Teaching, Learning, and Research With Virtual and Augmented Reality”

February 22, 2017: Digital Space & Difficult History: Curating The African American and Holocaust Museums

February 21, 2017: Digital Humanities Happy Hour

February 2, 2017: Angel Nieves: 3D Modeling and the Soweto Historic GIS project

November 28, 2016: Spatial Humanities & Digital Humanities Reading Group: Enchanting the Desert

November 4, 2016: Graduate Student Workshop with Yoh Kawano

October 25, 2016: Digital Research Happy Hour

September 14, 2016Digital Exhibit Building Symposium

May 25, 2016: Digital Pedagody Round Table

May 3, 2016: Designing Digital Scholarship: Art, Feminism + the Digital Humanities

December 2, 2015: Digital Humanities Reading Group

November 13, 2015: Workshop with Miriam Posner: “How Did They Make That?”

May 19, 2015: Digital Humanities Working Group/Reading Group

May 11, 2015: Digital Humanities Working Group/Work-in-Progress: Fabiola Hanna, We Are History

May 7, 2015: Working in Omeka: Building a Community of Users

May 6, 2015: Patrick Murray-John: “Latent Data: How, Where, And Why (Digital) Humanists Discovery Data Hidden In Plain Sight”

April 29, 2015: Digital Humanities Working Group/Digital Pedagogy

April 23, 2015: Twitter 101 with Melissa De Witte

April 6, 2015: The Devil is the Detective Work: Researching and REconstructing Cultural Heritage Sites with Special Emphasis on the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893

March 11, 2015: DH Working Group Meeting / Reading Group

March 4, 2015: Antonella Guidazzoli, “Open Virtual Heritage Applications: From Research Tools to Emotional and Participatory Virtual Spaces”

February 17, 2015: Digital Happy Hour

February 11, 2015: DH Working Group Meeting / Digital Pedagogy Session

January 29, 2015: Brown Bag Lunch: Building a Better Online Identity

January 14, 2015: DH Working Group Meeting / Works in Progress Session

December 4, 2014: Digital Happy Hour

November 12, 2014: Michael Ashley: “Mukurtu CMS: Differential Access for the Ethical Stewardship of Cultural and Digital Heritage”

November 5, 2014: Digital Humanities Working Group and Opening Reception

October 29, 2014: “Digital is not a Dirty Word” – Digital Humanities Graduate Student Open House

October 22, 2014: Rachel Deblinger: “Making Memories/Motifs: Holocaust Memory & the Unexpected Inspiration of Digital Humanities”