Living Memories of World War II in the Pacific


About the Cluster

Living Memories of the Pacific War, will be instrumental in helping scholars around the world confront major issues facing the global humanities including not only problems of language and cultural barriers, translation, and successful communication between diverse groups in different nations, but also broader issues such as internationalizing certain research and curricular development, utilizing user created digital sites to conduct meta-research into the nature of the research process itself, and direct investigation into the history-memory conundrum so perplexing to humanities discussions today. At a specific topical level, the community of research scholars and the concomitant web site are designed to promote on-going transnational, trans-Pacific dialogue among a range of scholars, students, war survivors (whose memories we are racing against time to capture before they die), artists and other members of the public about the ways that all societies affected by World War II have struggled to render the experience(s) meaningful and how these memories/experiences affect national and international developments even today.

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