Poetry and Politics


About the Cluster

We designate our contribution to this intellectual community as one that investigates the changing roles poetry has inhabited in particular public spaces and regions, and the resistances it has met. We look at the ways in which poetry has intervened in other discourses such as those concerned with politics, religion and national identities, as well as in other generic categories and art forms. We examine the use of poetry in and as critical theory, the relationship of poetry to social movements, the histories of anthologies and canon-making, and the genre-blurring trends towards multi-media and collaborative work. The diverse projects that this cluster brings together help shape and develop notions of poetry – its histories and its possibilities – as a dynamic and continually changing category.

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Affiliated Faculty

Rob Wilson, Professor of Literature
Carla Freccero, Professor of Literature
Nathaniel Mackey, Professor of Literature
Ty Miller, Professor of Literature


January 31-February1, 2014: Politics of the Digital: Poetry, Technology, and the University

April 18-19, 2013: Radical Reading Practices, a Symposium

February 6, 2013: Lyn Hejinian Visits Poetry and Politics

May 4-5, 2012: Emergent Communities in Experimental Writing Conference

February 29, 2012: Craig Dworkin Lecture: “The Politics of the Work”

February 29, 2012: Craig Dworkin Poetry Reading