Science Studies


About the Cluster

For the past 5 years, the Science Studies Research Cluster has brought together faculty and graduate students who research, write, and teach about science, technology, and the environment. Although deeply informed by feminist theory and humanities approaches to writing about science, we are a truly interdisciplinary group. Scholars from across the divisions regularly attend our graduate student conferences, round table discussions, workshops, and talks. As we meet around shared concerns, these interdisciplinary conversations help us frame and re-frame our own research questions and methods.

Cluster Members

Karen Barad, Professor of Feminist Studies, Philosophy, and History of Consciousness
Donna Haraway, Professor of History of Consciousness and Feminist Studies
Martha Kenney, PhD Candidate – History of Consciousness with Designated Emphasis in Feminist Studies
Harlan Weaver, PhD Candidate – History of Consciousness with Designated Emphasis in Feminist Studies

Affiliated Members

Jake Metcalf (Science and Justice Training Program), Ben Roome (Philsophy), Matthew Wolf-Meyer (Anthropology), Andrew Matthews (Anthropology), Urmi Engineer (History), Colin Tyner (History), Celina Kampoor (Anthropology), Micha Rahder (Anthropology), Chris Cochran (Anthropology), Jenny Reardon (Sociology), Sara Orning (Literature), Allison Athens (Literature), Carla Freccero (Literature), Natalie Purcell (Sociology), Anna Higgins (Anthropology), Travis Williams (Sociology), Bettina Stoetzer (Anthropology), Paul Roth (Philosophy), Carla Takai-Richardson (Anthropology), Ravi Rajan (Environmental Studies), Anna Tsing (Anthropology), Patrica Allen (Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems), Rusten Hogness (radio producer), Ruth Mueller (Social Studies of Science, University of Vienna), Danilyn Rutherford (Anthropology), Lissette Oliveras (History of Consciousness), Zachary Caple (Anthropology), Lisa Rofel (Anthropology), Licia Peck (Politics), Alexis Mourenza (Philosophy), Heather Swanson (Anthropology), Gwendolyn Keith (Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food System), Yiman Wang (Film)