Urban Studies


About the Cluster

The Urban Studies Research Cluster formed in 2007 to provide a home for faculty and graduate students across all major fields at UC Santa Cruz to explore the urban dimension of their research, engage with emerging approaches in the field of urban studies, and address pressing urban issues both locally and globally. The cluster aimed to provide a fruitful space for urbanists of all stripes —faculty and students, artists and activists, planners, policy makers, and local residents— to come together, share ideas, and collaborate. We did this through monthly meetings, a speaker series, and campus-wide events.

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Cluster Members

Miriam Greenberg, Director; Associate Professor of Sociology
Eric Porter, Assistant Director; Professor and Chair of the American Studies Department
Nik Janos, PhD Candidate – Department of Sociology
Jen Gray-O’Connor, PhD Candidate – Department of Sociology at UCSC.
Eleonora Pasotti, Assistant Professor of Politics