News | 10 March 2020

Committee on Graduate Student Grant Writing


The Humanities Institute, working with the Humanities Dean, has put together a new Committee on Graduate Student Grant Writing.

Humanities graduate students applying to grants, fellowships, post-docs, and academic jobs can submit a draft of their application statement or cover letter to the Committee for feedback. Faculty will read and comment on materials within 10 days. This is a great opportunity for students to get comments on their application materials from faculty outside of their dissertation committees and departments. Students can request up to 2 reviews every academic year, and possibly receive additional feedback if faculty members are available.

If you are working on an application that you would like the Committee on Graduate Student Grant Writing to review please email your materials with information about the specific application or position to THI’s Research Development GSR, Eric Sneathen, at

The Committee on Graduate Student Grant Writing is supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation through the THI Expanding Humanities Impact and Publics project.