Committee on Graduate Student Grant Writing

The Committee on Graduate Student Grant Writing is a resource for graduate students in the Humanities Division to get feedback on their application materials.

Humanities Graduate students applying to grants, fellowships, post-docs, and academic jobs can submit a draft of their application statement or cover letter to the Committee on Graduate Student Grant Writing for review. Faculty on the committee will return comments on materials within 10 days of receipt. This is a great opportunity for students to get comments on their application materials from faculty outside of their dissertation committees and departments.

Students can request up to 2 reviews each academic year. Additional feedback may be provided if faculty members are available. At this time, the committee is only open to graduate students in one of the Humanities departments and does not include students pursuing a Designated Emphasis in a Humanities department.

If you are working on an application that you would like the Committee on Graduate Student Grant Writing to review, please email your materials with information about the application or position (including the website link) to William Guerrero, at Please note if you have any specific questions or sections of your materials you would like particular feedback on. Comments will be returned by faculty within 10 days of receipt, please allow sufficient time when preparing application materials.

The Committee on Graduate Student Grant Writing was established as part of the Mellon-funded Expanding Humanities Impact and Publics project. The committee was formed in 2020 by the Humanities Institute in collaboration with the Humanities Dean, and is providing ongoing support to Humanities graduate students.