News | 5 May 2015

Cultural Studies is Hiring a New Director


The Center for Cultural Studies (CCS) is seeking a new director. Applicants for this position, which comes with a one-course reduction, are encouraged to think in ambitious and novel ways regarding the future direction of CS. Preference is also given to applicants willing to take initiative in seeking and applying for outside funding. The duties and responsibilities of the CS Director will include coordinating the work of the center, organizing the weekly colloquia by inviting speakers and cooperating with other units to jointly sponsor speakers in the series, preparing and overseeing the production of the quarterly newsletter, providing a leadership role in supporting Center programming and reporting on the work of the Center to the IHR Director and the Dean of Humanities. The Center for Cultural Studies is a center that operates under the umbrella of the Institute for Humanities Research and the Dean of Humanities. A GSR supervised by the IHR is assigned to assist with the Center’s operations, and events are staffed by the IHR. Position may start as early as July 1, though beginning date is flexible. Interested applicants should send their CV and a one to two page cover letter (as attachments via e-mail) to Vanita Seth and cc-ed to the CS Assistant, Sandra Harvey ( All applications will be reviewed by the Cultural Studies Advisory Board.

Application deadline: June 1,2015 by 3:00 PM.

For more information about Cultural Studies please visit the CS website: