Grants | 1 March 2020

Deadline Extended: The Coha / Gunderson Prize in Speculative Futures


Call for Submissions Extended to March 8: The Coha / Gunderson Prize in Speculative Futures


The new Speculatively Scientific Fictions of the Future THI Research Cluster announces a campus-wide prize. The Coha / Gunderson Prize is open to undergraduate and graduate students, for a creative piece of (social or scientific) speculative fiction. Up to two awards will be made of $1000 each, for a work of fiction in any medium or genre. Submissions may be individual or collaborative, and are due on March 8, 2020.

“Peter Coha and Jim Gunderson have generously made possible Speculatively Scientific Fictions of the Future, a cluster exploring speculative fictions about current scientific, technological, social and planetary concerns,” says Carla Freccero, principle investigator. 

The Speculatively Scientific Fictions of the Future cluster investigates creative “worldings” that explore the social, ethical, and philosophical future implications of present-day technological and scientific findings.

“Especially exciting is the contest for the Coha / Gunderson Prize in Speculative Futures that will enable creative undergraduates and graduates to share their visions with the entire UCSC community,” states Freccero. “This cluster and the prize competition aim to bring the sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities together to imaginatively conceptualize possible solutions to some of the most pressing problems and concerns of the present.”

The initial date for submissions to the Coha / Gunderson Prize has been extended to March 8, 2020 for drafts/sketches/outlines. Finalists will be invited to workshop and further develop their ideas and/or realizations of the ideas during the spring 2020 quarter. The award(s) will be made in spring 2020, and dates will be set for a reading or performance or exhibition of the winning project(s).

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