News | 1 February 2015

Disciplines Connected Through Cosmos


by Georgia Johnson, City on a Hill Press

The UC Santa Cruz Institute for Humanities Research launched its first public event, “Questions That Matter: Making the Cosmos Local,” on Jan. 27. About 200 attendees listened to a dialogue between UCSC physics professor Anthony Aguirre and associate history professor Minghui Hu at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center in downtown Santa Cruz.

The dialogue, based on questions asked by history professor Nathaniel Deutsch, aimed to establish, realize and question the connection between humanity and the universe. The launch also addressed the core subjects of humanities, history, ethics, language and religion while also celebrating UCSC’s 50th anniversary.

“We really want to bring the university to the broader community and demonstrate, in a concrete way, that this is everyone’s university,” Deutsch said. “Also, of course, [we want to bring] meaningful conversations to talk about things that matter to all people and places. It’s also an opportunity to bring that into town rather than have that literally on a hill.”

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