Feature | 25 July 2018

Congratulations! THI Recognizes 22 External Grants in 2017-2018


External Grants Reflect the Strength of Humanities Research


During the 2017 – 2018 Academic Year, Humanities scholars received 22 external grants, ranging in size from $500 to $160,000. These awards recognize the exceptional research of our faculty and provide necessary funds for scholarly meetings and symposia, research assistance, and focused writing time. More, these awards reflect the growing impact of Humanities research on campus and beyond by supporting large collaborative projects, innovative digital work, and efforts to connect the study of history, language, literature, culture and philosophy with broader cultural conversations.

These awarded grants represent nearly half of all submitted applications, marking an upward trend in both applications and awarded grants over the past 10 years. Research development support and infrastructure provided by The Humanities Institute helps our researchers expand their capacity and imagine the greatest impact for their research. The increase in grant funding also represents a shift in the landscape of Humanities scholarship: beyond work done in the service of teaching or for a small field of scholars, Humanities research is a fundamental part of national and global conversations about issues of deep societal concern. We can see this trend in the awarded projects that address a core set of themes and new methodologies, including Race and Migration, online and accessible platform building, training and teaching opportunities, and interdisciplinary writing and research practices.

Congratulations to all our colleagues awarded extramural research grants during the 2017-2018 Academic Year.


Pranav Anand and Maziar Toosarvandani, Linguistics (THI)

Taking Flight: Conversations in and about the Oaxacan Languages of the Central Coast
Funding Agency: California Humanities


Dorian Bell, Literature

Planetary Prejudices: Race, Migration, and Technology in the New Global Order
Funding Agency: Institute for Advanced Study


Ryan Bennett, Linguistics

Collaborative Research: Investigations into tone and stress in a complex prosodic system
Funding Agency: NSF


Benjamin Breen, History (THI)

Writing Across Cultures in the Early Modern World
Funding Agency: Andrew W. Mellon Foundation/The Book Arts Press, Inc.


Christopher Connery, Literature

From the Margins of Exile
Funding Agency: UC Office of the President


Nathaniel Deutsch, The Humanities Institute

Write to Save the World: Op Ed Project
Funding Agency: UC Humanities Research Institute


Jonathan Ellis, Philosophy (THI)

Philosophy Outreach
Funding Agency: Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization


Kirsten Gruesz and Susan Gillman, Literature (THI)

Translating America/America Translated, A UC Faculty-Graduate Symposium
Funding Agency: UC Humanities Research Institute


Catherine Jones, History

Learning the Values of a Dollar: Black Childhood and Cultures of Economy in the Nineteenth Century United States
Funding Agency: UC Office of the President


John Jordan, Literature/Dickens Project

Why Literature Matters: Voices, Alone and Together
Funding Agency: NEH


Akash Kumar, Literature

The Medieval Matrix: An Online Platform for Teaching the Medieval Globe
Funding Agency: UC Office of the President


Tyrus Miller, Literature (THI)

From Social and Cultural Disciplines to Interdisciplinary Research: Reframing Social Sciences and Humanities PhDs
Funding Agency: Social Science Research Council


Gregory O’Malley, History (THI)

Intimate States: Family, Domestic Space, and the State
Funding Agency: Society for the History of Children and Youth
Final Passages: The Intra-American Slave Trade Database
Funding Agency: UC Humanities Research Institute


Marcia Ochoa, Feminist Studies

GLQ: Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies
Funding Agency: Duke University Press


Deanna Shemek, Literature (THI)

Virtual Studiolo
Funding Agency: UC Humanities Research Institute


Elaine Sullivan, History (THI)

Visualizing Ancient Egyptian landscapes and material culture: Cultural contexts for immersive visualization and VR
Funding Agency: UC Center for Information Technology Res in Interest of Society-CITRIS
3D Saqqara Survey Project
Funding Agency: National Geographic Society
Visibility and Ritual Landscape at the Egyptian Necropolis of Saqqara
Funding Agency: NEH
3D Modelling as Digital Editions
Funding Agency: Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
ARC Cultural Heritage Workshop on Photogrammetry
co-PI Cameron Monroe, Anthropology
Funding Agency: UC Humanities Research Institute


Maziar Toosarvandani, Linguistics

Interaction of tones and phonation types in Santiago Laxopa Zapotec
Funding Agency: UC/MEXUS