News | 1 July 2010

2010-2011 IHR Fellows Announced


The Institute for Humanities Research is pleased to announce the fellowship recipients for academic year 2010-2011. Faculty and Graduate Student Fellows were selected from a variety of humanities fields: History, History of Consciousness, Linguistics and Literature.

Faculty Research Fellowships
Hunter Bivens, Assistant Professor of Literature
Exilic Topographies: Novels of German Antifascism, 1933-1945

Adrian Brasoveanu, Assistant Professor of Linguistics
Decomposing Natural Language Quantification

Dana Frank, Professor of History
Labor’s Own Empire: The AFL-CIO’s Cold War in Honduras and Beyond, 1954-1980

Year-Long Graduate Dissertation Fellowship, UC Society of Fellows
Scott AnderBois, Linguistics
Issues in Discourse: A View from Yukatek Maya

Quarter-Long Graduate Dissertation Fellowship
Lucian Gomoll, History of Consciousness
Performativity and Difference in Museums

Adam Hefty, History of Consciousness
Depressed Affective States and Regimes of Labor: a Philosophical Genealogy

David Palter, History
Testing for Race: Lewis Terman, Psychometric Testing, and Asian Immigrants in Early Twentieth-Century California

Laura Rosenzweig, History
Hollywood’s Spies: Jewish Infiltration of Pro-Nazi Groups in Los Angeles, 1933-1941

Michael Ursell, Literature
“If Words Be Made of Breath”: Inspiration, Book-Making, and the Renaissance Lyric

IHR Summer Research Fellowships
Laura Martin, History
Jeremy Tai, History