News | 22 June 2012

IHR Award Announcements: 2012-13


We are pleased to announce the IHR Research Clusters, Fellowships, and Grants for the 2012-2013 Academic Year.

2012-13 Research Clusters

Affect Working Group
Carla Freccero, Literature
Deborah Gould, Sociology

Borders, Bodies, and Violence
Marcia Ochoa, Feminist Studies

Crosslinguistics Investigations in Syntax-Phonology
Sandra Chung, Linguistics
Matthew Wagers, Linguistics
Vera Gribanova, Linguistics, Stanford University

Philosophy in a Multicultural Context
Rasmus Winther, Philosophy

Poetry and Politics
Carla Freccero, Literature

Religious and Secular Entanglements
Marilyn Westerkamp, History

Urban Studies
Miriam Greenberg, Sociology

Faculty Awards

2012-13 IHR Research Fellowship
(View call for applications)

Noriko Aso, History
“Mitsukoshi at War”

Christine Hong, Literature
“Legal Fictions: Afro-Asian Human Rights Cultural Production and the Pax Americana in the Pacific Rim”

Grant McGuire, Linguistics
“Voice Preferences and Vocal Imitation”

Graduate Student Awards

2012-13 Dissertation Year Fellowships, $30,000 each
(View call for applications)

Mark Norris, Linguistics
“Feature Representation, Manipulation and Realization: The View from Estonian and Icelandic Nominals”

Matthew Suazo, Literature
“Wetland Americas: Mapping the Literary History of New Orleans”

2012 Summer Dissertation Fellowships, $4,000 each, funded by the Graduate Division
(View call for applications)

Raissa DeSmet Trumbull, History of Consciousness
“A Liquid World: Figuring Coloniality in the Indies”

Heidi Morse, Literature
“Minding ‘Our Cicero’: Nineteenth-Century African-American Women’s Rhetoric and the Classical Tradition”

Benjamin Pietrenka, History
“Bloody Unities: Transatlantic Moravian Identities and Early American Religious Radicalism”

Jeffrey Sanceri, History
“Voices Within the Walls: Children and Child-Centered Institutions in Los Angeles, 1890-1910”

Jeremy Tai, History
“Opening Up the Northwest: Reimagining Xi’an and the Modern Chinese Frontier”

2012 Summer Research Fellowships, $2,500 each
(View call for applications)

Jeramy DeCristo, History of Consciousness
Kelsi Evans, History
Peter Fabian, Linguistics

2011-12 Research & Travel Grants, $500 each
(View call for applications)

Jessica Barbata, History
Xiaofei Gao, History
Thomas Genova, Literature
Amanda Shuman, History
Andrea Thompson, Linguistics