News | 22 October 2020

History professor Elaine Sullivan awarded 2020 Rosenzweig Prize in Digital History


Elaine Sullivan has been awarded the American Historical Association’s Roy Rosenzweig Prize for Innovation in Digital History. Her most recent work – Constructing the Sacred: Visibility and Ritual Landscape at the Egyptian Necropolis of Saqqara – uses 3D technologies to peel away the layers of history at the site. Along with the book itself, Sullivan crafted an interactive model of the site which can be accessed and explored by the public.

Last spring, Sullivan spoke with us about about using 3D technologies to enhance Geographic Information Systems (GIS)–one of the prevalent formats for data organization in modern archaeology—in order to create interactive models that can be navigated through space and time to explore the Egyptian site. The project is a culmination of years of research and work funded by a number of different grants, and conducted in partnership with digital historians throughout the state. 

Please join THI in extending Sullivan the warmest congratulations on this amazing achievement!