News | 25 February 2019

Job Opening at THI


The Humanities Institute at UC Santa Cruz is looking to hire a new Research Program Manager. We seek an experienced professional to manage programming associated with 5-year Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant for expanded humanities activities in doctoral education, public outreach and communication, internships and professional development, and new humanities research.

The incumbent will hold primary responsibility for administering foundation grant programming within The Humanities Institute (THI) and administer major program components of the foundation grant projects, which include faculty and graduate workshops, graduate internships and projects, public programming, and course planning and implementation.

This is an opportunity to join the THI team to create vibrant public programming and meaningful campus opportunities that invite critical engagement with issues of societal urgency, including the future of the Humanities and higher education.


Applications due March 25, 2019. Full description and qualifications listed at UCSC Jobs >