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Teaching and Learning in the Humanities Now Research Cluster


“Intentional Design: Making Assignments that Work”

Humanities 2, Room 359

"Intentional Design: Making Assignments that Work," with Jessie Dubreuil, Kimberly Helmer, Philip Longo, Tonya Ritola, and Heather Shearer This is the second teaching workshop of The Humanities Institute research cluster “Teaching and Learning in the Humanities Now”, designed to promote collective conversations about how we teach in the humanities now. Whether you teach a large lecture […]

Reading Group: Cathy Davidson “The New Education”

Humanities 2, Room 259

The Teaching and Learning in the Humanities Now research cluster will meet on Friday, February 23 (9-11am in 2 HUM 259) to discuss The New Education in preparation for Cathy Davidson's visit on March 1. Davidson will also be facilitating a hands-on workshop with the research cluster on Friday, March 2 at 2-4 pm in […]

Cathy Davidson: “The New Education”

University Center University Center‎ University of California Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA, United States

How can we revolutionize the university to better prepare students for our age of constant change? How can we retool our classrooms as activist, engaged learning environments that model a more just society? In this talk, Cathy N. Davidson will discuss her book The New Education: How to Revolutionize the University to Prepare Students for a […]


Cathy Davidson Workshop

Humanities 1, Room 202

Cathy Davidson will offer a hands-on workshop on engaged pedagogy with the Teaching and Learning in the Humanities Now research cluster, working with the research group to address a topic of their choice. Students from Humanities, Social Sciences, and Arts are all encouraged to attend. Come prepared with a pedagogy question to dive into. For copies […]


Balancing Fair Use and Student Access in Selecting Course Texts: A Workshop for Instructors

Humanities 2, Room 259

  About the workshop: Understanding how to balance equitable access to course texts with our ethical and legal responsibility to uphold the values of intellectual property can often be challenging. This workshop will help faculty navigate the complexities of copyright and fair use and focus on best practices and resources for choosing course texts for […]

CANCELLED – Jacque Wernimont “Quantified Education: Unpacking What We’re Tracking”

University Center, Bhojwani Room CA, United States

The same hopes that have landed FitBits on millions of wrists, Rings on thousands of doors, and Echoes in so many homes have brought us the latest in educational technologies. These hopes include better support of ourselves, our goals, and our dreams for success, health, and safety. As universities and colleges increasingly buy into smart […]