Anthropocene: Arts of Living on a Damaged Planet


About the Project

A multi-day conference seeks to understand if humans and other species can continue to inhabit the earth together? Through noticing, describing, and imagining, we aim to renew conversation about life on earth.

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Arts of Living on a Damaged Planet with Keynote speech by Ursula K. Le Guin

Conference Panels

Panel I: Inhabiting Multispecies Bodies

Panel II: Telling Damaged Landscapes

Panel III: Rewilding Country

Panel IV: Making Places

Panel V: Arts of Noticing

Panel VI: Cross-Species Histories

Panel VII: Gardens and Graves


This event is presented by AARHUS University Research on the Anthropocene (AURA), UCSC Bateson Experiments, and UCSC Emerging Worlds.

Generous support was provided by the following organizations:
Danish National Research Foundation
UC Santa Cruz Foundation
UCSC Council of Provosts
Office of Research Cowell College
Social Sciences Division
Institute of the Arts and Sciences
Living Writers Reading Series
UC Presidential Chair in Feminist Critical Race and Ethnic Studies
Institute for Humanities Research
Department of Anthropology
Literary Guillotine
Bookshop Santa Cruz

Eclipse photo by Liz Millar.