Nido de Lenguas


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About the Project

Linguists at UC Santa Cruz are partnering with Senderos, a non-profit organization in Santa Cruz County, to share the beauty and value of Oaxacan languages. Together, linguists and community members are organizing a series of summer camps, classes, events, and performances, where anyone can learn about the indigenous languages of Oaxaca. Nido de Lenguas is made possible through the generous support of: UC Santa Cruz Foundation, Institute for Humanities Research, and UC Humanities Research Institute.

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Summer Camp
A Three-day Immersive Event
During the first Nido de Lenguas: Summer Camp in September 2017, curious community members learned two languages of Oaxaca through hands-on activities and dialogue.

Interactive Language Experiences
Starting in Fall 2017, Nido de Lenguas: Pop-Up will be showing up at cultural festivals with fun and engaging activities for everybody to directly experience and learn about Oaxacan languages.

Monthly Language Classes
Coming soon, Nido de Lenguas: Clases will offer regular classes turning native speakers into language teachers to share their linguistic heritage with dedicated community members.

An Evening with the Languages of Oaxaca
In 2018, Despegando will share the linguistic riches of Oaxaca with the public through a night of artistic performances in Oaxacan languages.