Event Archive,  | 1 February 2018

Event Recap: Questions That Matter: “Freedom and Race”


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This week we hosted our fourth Questions That Matter event on the theme of “Freedom and Race” for a capacity crowd at Kuumbwa Jazz Center. The Humanities Institute Director Nathaniel Deutsch was joined by Dean of Humanities Tyler Stovall and History of Art and Visual Culture professor Jennifer González for a wide-ranging and important discussion.

In a story about the event for the Santa Cruz Sentinel, Nicholas Ibarra writes,

The conversation reached back to the Greek city states in its search to define freedom, and to the Spanish conquistadores to define race. But it was the divisive present moment in U.S. politics that appeared to be at the center of the exchange.

“We’re at a point in our culture where we’ve almost lost the capacity to talk with each other in meaningful ways,” said UCSC Provost Marlene Tromp, who introduced the speakers. “People are so entrenched in their positions it’s difficult for them to even hear each other.”

Read more at the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

You can also stay engaged by watching our video of the event or looking through our photos below.

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