Event Recaps | 4 February 2020

Questions That Matter: Reporting the Middle East


On February 4th, 2020, Veteran NPR journalists Hannah Allam & Leila Fadel, in conversation with Jennifer Derr Associate Professor of History at UCSC, discussed their careers in journalism in the Middle East and their current work on culture, diversity, race, and extremism in the United States. This event celebrated the launch of the new Center for the Middle East and North Africa with an evening of consequential conversation about the region. They considered questions like: What did journalists reporting the Middle East experience during the American invasion of Iraq and the Arab Spring? What is it like to report from the United States when the field of journalism is under attack? How should journalists tackle fragmented and fabricated realities in the future?

Scott Rappaport profiled Allam and Fadel for UC Santa Cruz.

You can also stay engaged by watching our video of the event or looking through our photos below.

Event photos by Crystal Birns:

2.4.20 Questions That Matter: Reporting the Middle East

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