News | 8 January 2018

(Re)Introducing The Humanities Institute


Today we’re excited to announce a big change: The Institute for Humanities Research is now The Humanities Institute at UC Santa Cruz.

Since our start in 1999, we’ve been committed to cultivating Humanities research by supporting hundreds of individual faculty, graduate, and undergraduate fellows, as well as collaborations across campus and with other universities around the world. Over the years, our work has evolved and our reach and impact have grown. We are now one of the few Humanities institutes dedicated to matching research development with a public mission.

Historically, these two camps have been separated. We’re proud to bridge this gap and believe that our humanistic training and ideas, rooted in rigorous scholarly research, can inform public discourse and be accessible to everyone.

In recent years, we have committed ourselves to engaging with the broadest community possible—from first-generation students, to local residents, to anyone interested in compelling ideas and making sense of this increasingly complex world.

Our new name—The Humanities Institute at UC Santa Cruz—better represents our expanded and unique mission. And our new website is better suited as a platform for this rich engagement with the broader community, making all of our work easier to access.

Take a look and see for yourself, then take a moment to share our announcement on your social media feed.

This is going to be a big year and we want to make sure you’re a part of it.


Irena and Nathaniel

Irena Polic, Managing Director, The Humanities Institute
Nathaniel Deutsch, Director, The Humanities Institute