News | 8 March 2019

Successful Giving Day Funds Humanities Projects


The Humanities Institute is thrilled that we experienced yet another successful Giving Day in our Humanities Division! This year, seven Humanities projects participated:


Center for Cultural Studies

Center for Public Philosophy

Center for World History

Classics Alive!

History of Consciousness

Nido de Lenguas (Language Nest)

Okinawa Memories Initiative


These projects raised, in total, over $57,000 from 856 donations. This is quite an achievement, and shows how much support our projects have garnered from our campus supporters and from within their communities.

Some notable accomplishments:


The Okinawa Memories Initiative raised $29,714 from 418 donations. They won 2nd place in the “Slug Surprise” challenge, 1st in the “Midday Madness”, and 1st in the “Final Frenzy”, the day-long competition. Through these challenges, they earned $13,000 that went to their total raised.

The Center for Public Philosophy (last year’s champs!) raised $15,623 from 248 donations. They came in 3rd place in the “Mad Dash” which brought in $1000 to their total.


Thank you to all of the faculty, staff, and students that participated and gave in support of our projects. Our humanities community is strong, and every dollar makes an impact.

Review our spotlights on participating projects on The Humanities Institute’s Instagram page. Giving day 2019 banner