News | 16 December 2019

Support Experiential Learning in the Humanities


As 2019 Draws to a Close, THI Invites You to Support Student Success 


Students are essential to The Humanities Institute. Through THI’s Undergraduate Experiential Learning Fellowships, we’re empowering undergraduates to do research around the world and enabling them to bridge the gap between theory and practice to prepare them for a range of careers.

This past summer, 17 undergraduates received support from THI to travel to Okinawa, Japan with the Okinawa Memories Initiative where they held several research exhibitions and collected oral histories. Still more went to Oaxaca, Mexico to study the linguistic diversity of the Zapotecan languages spoken there. With your help, more students could join these projects next summer or embark on learning trips based on wherever their own research takes them!

Fellowships like these allow students to have immersive, in-depth, hands-on learning experiences—locally, nationally, and internationally—and fittingly align THI’s mission with UC Santa Cruz’s unique focus on undergraduate student experiences.

Give now to support our undergraduates.

THI Undergraduate Experiential Learning Fellowships also offer students opportunities to garner real-world skills and experience to help prepare them for a 21st century workplace through internships with businesses, organizations, and institutions.

Your gift to support THI Undergraduate Experiential Learning Fellowships will have a positive and direct impact on the success of our graduates–our future scholars, storytellers, and leaders in business, government, and the nonprofit sector.


Thank you for continuing to be a part of our community,
~ Nathaniel and Irena

Nathaniel Deutsch, Faculty Director, The Humanities Institute
Irena Polic, Managing Director, The Humanities Institute