Fellows | 7 June 2018

THI Announces 18 New Fellows for 2018 – 2019


The Humanities Institute is thrilled to award 18 fellowships in support of faculty and graduate student research.  Nathaniel Deutsch, Director of The Humanities Institute, announced, “THI is proud to support a range of projects that reflect the breadth of Humanities research at UCSC, from the early modern drug trade to the history of education in Kenya and the borderlands of the American West.”  Irena Polic, THI Managing Director, added, “Our Fellows will bring the world back to Santa Cruz as they research, write, and share their work on campus and beyond. The projects funded by THI help make sense of our interconnected and increasingly complex world.”  

The diverse projects nonetheless speak to a set of shared themes and values. Multiple projects explore questions of diaspora and homeland, food production and the environment, and nationalism, militarization and the state.

THI supports research at all stages as fellows receive support for faculty research, preliminary graduate research, dissertation writing, and – new this year – the development of a digital research project. Ben Breen (History) has been awarded the first Digital Research Faculty Fellowship. This new award is co-sponsored by the University Library and Breen will receive support for his Early Modern Drug Database from the Digital Scholarship Commons in McHenry Library.

See all THI Fellows on our website. Congratulations to our newest cohort of Fellows!


Faculty Research Fellowship

Amanda M. Smith, Literature
“Novel Maps: Fictional Interventions in Amazonia”


Digital Research Faculty Fellowship

Benjamin Breen, History
“The Early Modern Drug Database: A Pilot Project”


Year-Long Dissertation Fellow

Nickolas Knightly, Philosophy
“Revisioning Philosophy”


Summer Research Fellows

Christian Alvarado, History of Consciousness
“Development and Ideology in the History of the Kenyan Education System”

Steven Green, History
“Yiddish, American Jewish History, and Jewish Foodways in New York”

Steven Haug, Philosophy
“Understanding Art and Community in Heidegger”

Daniel Joesten, History
“By the Accident of Birth”: British Subjects, Free State Citizens, and the Irish Diaspora in Interwar Britain”

Jane Komori, History of Consciousness
“Entangled Knowledges: Tracing Relations Between Japanese and Japanese Canadian and American Farmers and Growers”

Priscilla Martinez, History
“By Land and By Sea: Indigeneity, Mestizaje, and Nationalism at the Western-Pacific Borderlands from 1824-1934”

Melody Nixon, History of Consciousness
“Black Lives Matter and The Racial Imaginary”

Radhika Prasad, Literature
“Hindi Modernism and the Crisis of Postcolonial Subjectivity”

Jose Antonio Villarán, Literature
“Open Pit: A Story about Morococha and Extractivism in the Americas”


Summer Dissertation Fellows

Wayne Spencer Coffey, History of Consciousness
“Reproducing the Crisis: Blackness, Violence and Visual Culture in the Postwar American City”

Danielle Crawford, Literature
“Storms, Bombs, and Ecologies of Destruction: The Intimacies of Weather Disasters and U.S. Militarization in the Pacific”

Yizhou Guo, Feminist Studies
“Postsocialist Youth and Online China”

Muiris MacGiollabui, History
“Sons of Exile: The Transnational History of the United Irishmen, 1791-1827”

Claire Urbanski, Feminist Studies
“The Afterlife of Settler Colonial Incarceration: Archeological Excavation as Militarization in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands”

Delio Vasquez, History of Consciousness
“The Politics of the Illegal: Everyday Resistance, the Criminalization of Life, and Civil War in the Global City”