Fellows | 4 March 2021

THI Congratulates This Year’s Undergraduate Fellows


Every year, THI funds an array of innovative undergraduate research projects engaging fields in the Humanities. The topics and problems that our fellows focus on take up critical issues across disciplines, intellectual traditions, and sites of practice. The range and relevance of this year’s projects underscore the importance of supporting undergraduate Humanities research. We offer our sincerest congratulations to this amazing cohort of scholars and look forward to following their work and trajectories into the future.

  • Brandon Castro, Film & Digital Media

    Project: “Sancho & The School of Quetzalcoatl”

  • Lucy DaSilva, Independent Study

    Project: “The Blacklist Revisited: Jewish Screenwriters’ Memories of the McCarthy Era”

  • Logan Fitzsimons, Psychology

    Project: “Queering the Cowboy”

  • Jonah Gertz, Intensive History

    Project: “The Relationship Between SCAP, the Development of Narcotics Control Laws in Postwar Japan and the “Hiropon Age””

    Award: Bertha N. Melkonian Prize Recipient

  • Maya Gonzalez, Intensive History

    Project: “Remember Us: Holocaust Representation in European-Jewish Émigré Film, 1942-1945”

  • Sage Michaels, Intensive History

    Project: “Okinawa Memories Initiative Project History Timeline”

  • Jacinto Salz, Film & Digital Media

    Project: “BIRTHRIGHT – A Documentary”

  • Kelly Swenson, Literature

    Project: “Fulfilling Prophecies: Towards An Alternate History of Emancipation”

  • Jessica Valdez-Alvarez, Literature and Spanish Studies

    Project: “Art as a Resource for Indigenous Communities during COVID-19”

  • Karely Valdez Lopez, Spanish Studies

    Project: “Language and Identity: Heritage Spanish Speakers’ Sense of Identity and Use of Spanish in the U.S.”