Feature | 6 April 2020

Tracing Our Impact


New Report Charts The Humanities Institute’s Impact through Events, Community Partnerships, and Funding

Today more than ever, we need critical thinking, human understanding, abstract thought, and curiosity. These tools are essential to our understanding of the world and will help us chart our way in a constantly evolving culture and society. That is why, every year, The Humanities Institute evaluates its impact on campus and in the community.

The 2019 Impact Report explores THI’s reach as we seek to cultivate critical thinking in the community by bringing engaging events and scholars to spark conversations across Santa Cruz. THI also seeks to incubate ideas on campus by funding projects, centers, and clusters that enable faculty and students to ask innovative research questions.

Here’s slice of our impact, in numbers: in 2019 THI held 122 community events, supported 14 public fellows, and worked with 18 community partners. Additionally, we were thrilled to provide over $400,000 of funding support to graduate students, over $100,000 to faculty, and $50,000 to undergraduate students.

Check out more report highlights, and invest with us in the next generation of critical citizens, events that spark fresh thinking, and bold new research in the Humanities.

Read the 2019 Impact Report