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UC Humanities Update: November 26, 2012


Humanities Update

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Research Profile: Maia Krause, UCHRI Graduate Student Researcher: UCHRI grad researcher Maia Krause talks about her research on science as play in 18th century gothic literature, the appeal of working at a humanities institute, and what she’s been reading for fun.

Antiracism, Inc: A (Storified?) Quarter in Review: UC Santa Barbara’s American Cultures and Global Contexts Center (ACGCC) just wrapped up its first quarter of events under its new director, Dr. Felice Blake. The Center’s theme this year, “Antiracism, Inc.”

What We Owe the Stoics: Christy Cones examines the stoics in order to fully appreciate or understand the complexity of ancient attitudes regarding work and workers.

Photographic Labor: Techne, Desire, and the Making of Perspectives: Lauren Brenner, Visual Studies Ph.D. student, discusses the pre-history of photography as it relates to Plato’s concepts of work and labor; specifically the acquisition and distribution of knowledge about human environments.

Life-Times of Disposability in Global Neo-Liberalism: China and the Philippines: Tuesday, November 27- Neferti X. M. Tadiar will be at UC Irvine to discuss global neo-liberalism through the lens of disposability and temporal aesthetics in the work of filmmakers Jia Zhang-Ke and Brillante Mendoza.
Event 11/29: Selma James-The Global Kitchen at UCSB
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