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UC Humanities Update: January 7, 2013


UC Humanities Update


Welcome to the UC Humanities Update, a fortnightly e-news blast designed to bring you the latest news and information about humanities across the UC system, from opportunities for funding and networking to stories about emerging research, collaborations, events, and more.


Major Funding Opportunity for Scholars of Religion, Diaspora, and International Politics: Announcing the Religions in Diaspora and Global Affairs (RIDAGA) research initiative.

Redefining the Public Humanities: Helene Moglen, UC Santa Cruz professor emeritus, describes the work of “Santa Cruz Commons: Activist Research and the Public Humanities.”

Dismantling the Race Myth… in Japan: Satoko Kakihara reflects on the contrasts between academic conferences in Japan and California.

“Harvest of Loneliness” Screens at UCSC on 1/23: the UC Humanities Working Group on Immigrant Labor and Changing Conceptions of Work and Gilbert Gonzalez, Professor Emeritus of Chicano/Latino Studies at UC Irvine, will host a screening of his award-winning documentary at UC Santa Cruz. Written by Megan McNamara Abed.

Disposable Lives: Neferti Tadiar on Aesthetics, Politics, Neoliberalism 
Written by Maia Krause.

Working at Living from the Perspective of Winning: Selma James visits UCSB  Perspectives from Selma James and the UC working group on Working at Living: The Social Relations of Precarity. Written by Leigh Dodson.

Antiracism, Inc: A (Storified?) Quarter in Review: Amanda Phillips on the UC Santa Barbara’s American Cultures and Global Contexts Center’s and events on the theme of “Antiracism, Inc.”

Upcoming deadlines:

1/09/2013: 2013-14 UC President’s Faculty Fellowships in the Humanities

1/11/2013: Humanities & Changing Conceptions of Work Graduate Working Group

1/11/2013: Humanities & Changing Conceptions of Work RRG/Working Group

1/18/2013: Religions in Diaspora & Global Affairs Studio Jam – letter of interest

Future deadlines:

2/13/2013: Andrew & Florence White Graduate Scholarship

3/13/2013: 2013-15 Multicampus Research Groups

3/27/2013: Graduate-Sponsored Events and Workshops

4/3/2013: UCHRI Working Groups

4/10/2013: Religions in Diaspora & Global Affairs: 2013-15 Humanities Studio


Public/Not Public: Making the Humanities Count
Janury 23, 2013 | 5-7PM | 135 Humanities Instructional Building, UC Irvine
A panel discussion on The University We Are For. With John Seely Brown, Deloitte Center for the Edge; Cathy Davidson, Duke University; Ann Pendleton-Julian, Ohio State University; Andrew Policano, UC Irvine; Larry Smarr, CALIT2. This event will also be streamed live online.