News | 30 October 2012

UC Humanities Update: October 29, 2012


UC Humanities UpdateWelcome to the UC Humanities Update, a fortnightly e-news blast designed to bring you the latest news and information about humanities across the UC system, from opportunities for funding and networking to stories about emerging research, collaborations, events, and more.


Exploring Alternate-Academics UC Humanities Correspondent Jessica Beard discusses the term “alternate academic” in relation to today’s academically challenged job market.

Allyship and the Politics of Citation – Queer of Color Genealogies @ UCLA UC Humanities Correspondent Amanda Phillips asks, “How are our canonical scholars indebted to or ignorant of the traditions of these undercited voices?”

Getting Down and Dirty: The Concept of Work in Hesiod Christy Cones, PhD student in Classics at UCI, shares some thoughts from Andromache Karanika’s graduate seminar on Comparative Approaches to Work in Greco-Roman Antiquity and the Middle Ages.

The Fine Line Between Private and Public International Humanities Correspondent, Satoko Kakihara discusses the academic community in Japan where the lines between public and private are blurred with results ranging from positive to humiliating.

11/1 Event and Reception: Life-times of Disposability in Global Neoliberalism: China and the Philippines

Award: David Theo Goldberg and Cathy N. Davidson Recognized with a 2012 World Technology Award

Mini-Forum: Spaces of Resistance: Living in a Critical Condition

Upcoming deadlines:

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12/12/2012: RRG Fellowships: “Urban Ecologies”

01/09/2013: 2013-14 UC President’s Faculty Fellowships in the Humanities

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