News | 26 April 2010

UC President’s Faculty Research Fellowship List


Dear Humanities Deans and Humanities Center Colleagues:

The selection committee for the 2010-2011 UC President’s Faculty Research Fellowships in the Humanities met on Saturday and made their choices. As you will see, the Committee selected six senior and six junior Fellows, with three senior and three junior alternates. The winners will receive formal award letters that instruct them to work with their deans in developing their funding packages and to work with their local campus humanities centers as part of our new UC Society of Fellows in the Humanities. At the May meeting of the deans in Riverside, I will prepare a detailed chart of the composition of the application pool.

I extend my thanks to the selection committee–Winston James (Irvine), Dorothy Porter (San Francisco), Lisa Raphals (Riverside), Christopher Reynolds (Davis), Shelley Stamp (Santa Cruz), and Nina Zhiri (San Diego)–for their outstanding work in producing this slate of Fellows.

All best,
Dante Noto
Associate Director, Research Development and External Relations
University of California Humanities Research Institute

CRACIUN, Adriana (UC Riverside), Northwest Passages: Authorship, Exploration, Disaster
FRANKO, Mark (UC Santa Cruz), From Anti-fascism to Myth in the Work of Martha Graham (1938-1958)
GOODMAN, Kevis (UC Berkeley), “Uncertain Disease”: Nostalgia, Eighteenth-Century Medicine, and Romantic Poetics
KAPLAN, Caren (UC Davis), The View From Above
MIESCHER, Stephan (UC Santa Barbara), Akosombo Stories: The Volta River Project, Modernization, and Nationhood in Ghana
PORTER, Theodore (UCLA), Institutionalized Heredity: Statistics, Defectives, and the Rise of Human Genetics

FERNANDO, Mayanthi (UC Santa Cruz), Reconfiguring France: Muslim Citizens in the Shadows of Secularism
HUGHES, Jennifer (UC Riverside), Epidemics and New World Religions
OSMAN, Michael (UCLA), Regulation, Architecture, Modernism
PATEL, Alka (UC Irvine), The Ghurid Architecture of South Asia & Historiography at the Ends of the Islamic World
WUE, Roberta (UC Irvine), Art Worlds: Making Artists and Audiences in Nineteenth-century Shanghai
WUTHRICH, Christian (UC San Diego), Emergent Spacetime in Quantum Theories of Gravity

BUSSE BERGER, Anna Maria (UC Davis), Between Orality and Literacy: Music in the Moravian Missions: 1732-1950
CONSTABLE, Marianne (UC Berkeley), Our Word is Our Bond: How Legal Speech Acts
DAULATZAI, Sohail (UC Irvine), Black Star, Crescent Moon: Black Radicalism and the Muslim Third World
RICCI, Cristian (UC Merced), Moroccan Borderland Literature Written in Spanish and Catalan
SHAH, Nayan (UC San Diego), A Stranger Intimacy

Reposted from email announcement of 04/12/2010