News | 9 May 2012

UC President’s Faculty Research Fellowships in the Humanities, 2012-2013


On behalf of the  UC Humanities Network,the  UC Humanities Research Institute is pleased to announce the UC President’s Faculty Research Fellowships in the Humanities, 2012-2013
  • Biess, Frank (History, UC San Diego): Fear and Democracy in Postwar Germany.
  • Brozgal, Lia Nicole (UCLA): Representing October 17: Algeria, France and the Writing of History.
  • Caldeira, Teresa (UC Berkeley): New Urban Practices and Configurations of Public Space in São Paulo.
  • Field, Kendra Taira (History, UC Riverside): Growing Up with the Country.
  • Finch, Aisha History, (UCLA): Insurgency Interrupted: Cuban Slaves and the Resistance Movements of 1843-1844.
  • Kinoshita, Sharon (UC Santa Cruz): The Worlding of Marco Polo.
  • Lee, Geoffrey (Philosophy, UC Berkeley): “Consciousness and the Passage of Time”.
  • McLaughlin, Mairi (UC Berkeley): The Origins and Evolution of Journalistic French: From the First Periodical (1631) to the French Revolution (1789).
  • Milburn, Colin (English and Science and Technology Studies, UC Davis): “Mondo Nano: Fun and Games in the World of Digital Matter”.
  • Salzman, Michele (UC Riverside): The Falls of Rome: Responses to Crises, 270-604.
  • Varzi, Roxanne (UC Irvine): The French Connection: Henri Corbin and Iran, Islam, Philosophy and Revolution.
  • Wang, Yiman (Film and Media Studies, UC Santa Cruz): Too “Chinese” to play a “Chinese”: Anna May Wong, the Segregationist Era, and American Cinema.