News | 28 March 2010

UCHRI Announces 2010-11 Program Awards


We are pleased to announce the 2010-11 awards for UCHRI programs (Conferences and Seminars, Extramural Explorations, Residential Research Groups), UCHRI Working Groups, and UC California Studies Consortium awards. A complete list of grantees can be found here:


Andrew Mathews, Anthropology, UC Santa Cruz and
Matthew Wolf-Meyer, Anthropology, UC Santa Cruz
“Climate Change, Geoengineering, and Science Fiction”

Mary-Kay Gamel, Literature, UC Santa Cruz, and
Mark Griffith, Classics, Theater Dance and Performance Studies, UC Berkeley
“Music in Greek Tragedy: History, Theory and Practice”

Kirsten Gruesz, Literature, UC Santa Cruz
“Latino Literature at the Edge”


Alan Christy, History, UC Santa Cruz, and
Alice Yang, History, UC Santa Cruz
“Cultivating Trust: Old Timers, New Immigrants and the Building of a Transnational Community in Postwar Watsonville”


The University of California Humanities Research Institute (UCHRI) is pleased to announce its first cohort of Working Groups for 2010-2011. Working Groups are designed to catalyze collaboration between individuals from different disciplines, locations, and campuses around a specific problem, theme, object or topic. They consist of between 5 and 15 people who will collaborate over one academic year to address a clearly defined timely issue or early stage of research on an emergent topic in the humanities. Members of the group will be connected virtually for ongoing communication and will meet face-to-face at least one time throughout the year.

Project Title: Imperial Legacies, Post-socialist Contexts: Transnationalizing Analytics of Race, Gender and Sexuality
Conveners: Neda Atanasoski, Feminist Studies, UC Santa Cruz and Kalina Vora, Ethnic Studies, UC San Diego


Flora Lu, Latino and Latin American Studies, UC Santa Cruz
“Promoting Environmental Justice through Campus-Community Collaboration”

Bridgette Auger, Social Documentation, UC Santa Cruz
“Documentary of Resettled Iraqi Refugees living in El Cajon, California”

Joshua Brahinsky, History of Consciousness, UC Santa Cruz
“Pentecostal Pedagogies: Making A Modern Missionary”

Kate Trumbull, Social Documentation, UC Santa Cruz
“San Diego Somali Refugee Documentary Project”