Fellows | 8 June 2018

Undergraduate Research Fellows Honored at Celebration of Humanities Event


10 Undergraduate students have been awarded THI Undergraduate Research Fellowships in recognition of research conducted during the 2017-2018 Academic Year. These students will showcase their work at the Celebrating the Humanities Spring Awards ceremony on Friday, June 8.

Student research reflects the breadth of Humanities scholarship at UCSC with projects ranging in focus from explorations of the Zapotec language, to Russian film and campus history. THI is proud to recognize the independent research of undergraduates who apply the research and writing skills they have learned throughout their time at UCSC to projects of personal interest. The poster session at the Celebrating the Humanities event will feature the students’ innovative research and the enthusiasm that led them to their research projects. As such, these projects affirm the value of a Humanities education: students hone critical research and analysis skills to communicate issues of relevance to their teachers and their communities off campus.

Literature undergraduate, Yu Tung Holly Chen has been recognized as this year’s Bertha N. Melkonian Prize Recipient for her project, “Don Quixote in China.”


See all THI Fellows on our website. Congratulations to all Humanities Undergraduate Research Fellow.

Undergraduate Research Fellows

Bertha N. Melkonian Prize
Yu Tung Holly Chen, Literature
“Don Quixote in China”

Christopher Garcia, Linguistics
“Relative Clauses in Santaigo Laxopa Zapotec: Islands, Crossover, and Parasiticity”

Teodor Jaich, History
“A History of State Control over Christianity in the People’s Republic of China”

Elli Levin, Literature/Creative Writing
“Guerrierx: Beyond the Gender Binary in Ariosto’s Orlando Furioso”

Jessica Ness, Literature
“Age and Agency: Translating Fanon and Poe”

Ethan  Pezzolo, History
“A History of Struggle at UCSC: Mapping the Past, Informing the Future”

Mikhaila Reid, History
“Russian Orientalism and Gender in Film, Art, and Writing, 1850-1950”

Isabell  Retamoza, Literature
“An Eclectic Entanglement: Elements of Femininity in Deer Imagery”

Stephanie Rocha, Art
“A Print Series: Dialogue with the Past & Present of Mexican Americans”

Glenn Wohltmann, Literature
“On the Street”