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  2. Humanities 1, Room 408

Graduate Friday Forum with Aaron Franklin

Humanities 1, Room 408

Transcendental Sentimentalism - An Introduction Broadly construed, moral sentimentalism is the position that human emotions or sentiments play a crucial role in our best normative or descriptive accounts of moral value or judgements thereof. With this presentation, Aaron introduces and sketches a defense of a novel form of more sentimentalism he calls “Transcendental Sentimentalism.” According […]

Reading Seminar: Dr. Lesley Green

Humanities 1, Room 408

Reading Seminar on #ScienceMustFall and an ABC of Plant Medicine: On Posing Cosmopolitical Questions featuring Dr. Lesley Green (Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Cape Town and Founding Director: Environmental Humanities South). Please email for the readings

Friday Forum: Allison Nguyen

Humanities 1, Room 408

Fake News and Desirable Difficulties Friday Forum is a weekly interdisciplinary colloquium series for sharing graduate research across the humanities. Join us for light refreshments and weekly presentations by your fellow graduate students. Friday Forum is supported by the Graduate Student Association, the Humanities Institute, and the following departments: HAVC, Literature, and History of Consciousness. […]

Reading Seminar with On Barak, “Strands of Tentacular Thinking”

Humanities 1, Room 408

The "Race, Violence, Inequality, and the Anthropocene" Research Cluster invites faculty and graduate students to a reading seminar with On Barak, Senior Lecturer in the History Department at Tel Aviv University. Dr. Barak is a historian of the modern Middle East, specializing in the introduction of science and technology into non-Western settings. He is the […]

Slow Seminar on Race, Violence, Inequality and the Anthropocene

Humanities 1, Room 408

2016-2017 SLOW SEMINARS RACE, VIOLENCE, INEQUALITY AND THE ANTHROPOCENE The contemporary moment is marked by global environmental change, the collapse of states and the reconfiguration of economies. This era, where human disturbances asymmetrically affect all ecosystems, is increasingly being called the ‘Anthropocene.’ We approach Anthropocene conditions as inextricably linked to long-term histories of plant and […]


Language Program Colloquium with Midori Ishida

Humanities 1, Room 408

This paper explores the issue of roles of social interaction for developing pragmatic competence in a second language. As an example, it examines interactions between a learner of Japanese and native speakers, focusing on ‘receipts’, or a kind of listener responses (e.g. soo desu ne ). A learner’s conversations recorded during one-year study abroad in […]

Víctor Fuentes: "Literatura memorialista de la inmigración"

Humanities 1, Room 408

Víctor Fuentes is the author of a memoir, Memorias del segundo exilio español (2011) and fourteen books, among them, La marcha al pueblo en las letras españolas (1917-1936), El cántico material y espiritual de César Vallejo, Buñuel, cine y literatura, Antología de la poesía bohemia española, Antología del cuento bohemio español. He is Professor Emeritus […]